No More Westend





My bf and I recently decided to live together. Then last week after an intense search we found this gorgeous flat on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We are not done moving our stuff yet but the new place is getting cosier by the minute. I’ve lived in the same area before so I feel very at home. Having been used to renting only one room each, a 61 square meters 2-room apartment feels nothing less than magnifique!

Bises xx



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4 responses to “No More Westend

  1. Antonieta

    this sounds good and need to read more about it.

  2. always keep that good quality on your posts, and you will get even more visitors.

  3. The 2nd photo is the actual flat right? Its so homey for two people, hope you enjoy, i’ll definitely follow this post 🙂

  4. Yup that is correct, yzamsie. Thank you very much, you’re kind. We enjoy a lot but unfortunately the contract only runs until the end of september. So we’ll have to look around for a new home yet again;) xx

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