MMM + H&M + Café + Tasting Menu


On the 15th of november, the launch day of the Margiela + H&M collaboration, my boyfriend took a day off work to do a pre-celebration of my 23rd birthday on the 20th of november. First he woke me up with breakfast on bed, candles, flowers and the french b-day song. SO lovely! Then we biked to the central of Copenhagen and waited in line (which was way smaller than I had expected!) for H&M to open. At 9.00 we ran in and grabbed the tromp l’oeil dress, the felted knit dress, the silk scarf shirt, the transparent belt and the sock sweater. After trying everything on I decided to leave behind only the shirt as I thought it a bit too pricey. I’m so incredible pleased with  the pieces I got!


After the serious Margiela shopping we went to Vesterbro to get our bikes fixed. The waiting time we spend at a cosy café nearby where we enjoyed a some tea, berry smoothie and bread with cheese.


In the evening my boyfriend surprised me with a dinner reservation at the restaurant of Charlottenlund Fortet very close to were we live. We both decided on the tasting menu along with champagne. The food was excellent, especially the dessert, and we also had the best view to the sea.

Such a wonderful and complete day with my love<3

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