Wedding Dressing – Men

The wedding season has officially arrived. In august I will be attending my first wedding party as an adult. I’m excited and of course already thinking of what to wear! Paul Fredrick who designs smart fashion for men asked me to share my thoughts and tips on how to dress when attending a wedding.


In terms of the men’s dressing my go-to shirt colour is definitely white, anything from crisp to off-white goes. I’m not so much into striped of patterned shirts for this occasion. And without doubt a long sleeve, a short is too casual. In the choice between a three-piece or a two-piece suit I think it depends on the colour. Choosing black or dark blue allow you to wear three-piece whereas the lighter and brighter the suit is in colour the more simple the compilation should be, so go for a two-piece when wearing light blue, grey, grey blue, sand, etc. Also there’s nothing wrong with pinstriped suits as long as the cut is spot on. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and of course the overall style among both men and women is the classic simple Scandinavian look. Though being a capital you’ll occasionally see men wearing more ‘mottled’ attires.





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